Mount Everest 60 year Anniversary


60 years ago it was climbed for the first time…..So many memories from my own summit day. I wonder how Tenzing and Edmund felt like when standing on the summit of the world for the first time on May 29, 1953.
Were they scarred of the long way down, were they tired from the long climb, frozen or happy? Probably all of the above.
I can just speak for myself. The joy and happiness of reaching the summit of the planet but also the fright of coming down alive or not.
60 years has passed and there are more people then ever on the mountain, more accidents and more problems.
The question is; is there a limit of how many people should be on the mountain at the same time?
Should there be a quality check of the climbers attending the mountain and where should that limit be set?
A lot of questions and few answers for the moment.
My opinion is that we should set a limit of people on the mountain and also have a “experience guarantee” so the people climbing the mountain have some kind of experience when attempting Mount Everest.
We should have more respect for mountains or let them be until we have…

Johan Ernst Nilson
Everest Summiteers Association