Wheel chair on the summit of Sweden


We made it!
First handicapped person in a wheel chair to the summit on Kebnekaise, highest mountain in Sweden.
It took 28 hrs of fighting with crutches for Aron and 45 kilo backpack for me!

A few months ago I was contacted by Aron Anderson who is an athlete spending his life in a wheel chair.
I decided to coach him and to help him reach Paralympics i Rio 2016, but before that I wanted to show him that nothing is impossible so I started to plan an expedition to the highest point in Sweden, Mount Kebnekaise. After many weeks of focus, motivation and planning we left for the Arctic and the mountain.
Aron can walk short distances with his crutches but need a lot of rest so I carried his wheel chair all the way to the summit and Aron fought over hard rocks, steep uphills and over rivers to reach his goal. This is probably the first person to reach the summit of Sweden with his wheel chair and Im very fascinated by the extreme effort he presented on the way to the summit. Once again we see that things that might not seem possible is achievable with motivation and focusing!

Nothing is Impossible!