Min Stora Dag

In 2007 Johan Ernst became Ambassador for MinStoraDag, an organization with its focus on very sick children’s dreams. Every year the organization organizes 100s of Great Days where we help the children to fullfil their dreams and wishes.
In 2009 Johan Ernst arranged a climb to the highest peak of Sweden with 17 kids. Johan Ernst is also visiting hospitales frequently to give lectures to the children and families. In 2011 MinStoraDag completed 550 Great Days, group activities and camps.
MinStoraDag is very fortunate to have as its patron, Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden, who is very engaged and regularly visits the children at the hospitals.
In addition, the foundation makes it possible for smaller groups of children to attend pop concerts, circus-shows, motor-shows and other special events.  They also arrange camps which include sailing and other sporting activities.

“Johan Ernst Nilson has been a very empathetic and committed ambassador for the Foundation MinStoraDag since many years. He has not only been a public face for our organization but also been with the children on several occasions as a coach and motivator.
The highlight was a week on Mt Kebnekaise where Johan was leading 15 seriously ill children to the summit. Johan always shows great enthusiasm and I will never forget when he carried a disabled teenage girl on his back for four days since her wheelchair could not get through on the snow.
Johan Ernst gives to the seriously ill children what they need most;
Personal attention and Positive mental energy.
Johan Ernst Nilson understands what it means to struggle against difficult targets really means and that makes the kids feel special and appreciated!”

/ Claire Rosvall
Founder, MinStoraDag

MinStoraDag and Johan Ernst is taking children to summit of Kebnekaise