Alaska Walkabout

Hiking is a fantastic way to travel. It is slow, you experience a lot and you get to sleep out in the wilderness.
After climbing Mt McKinley, the highest mountain in North America, Johan and his friend Nicolas Gafgo decided to go out for a hike – a very long hike. Johan estimates the walkabout to somewhere around 800-900 km, but its hard to say since there are no roads in the area. The most interesting with this adventure is that they lived of the nature in the complete wilderness. Every day they had to fish, eat mushrooms and blue berries.
The Grizzlies were always around them while trying to fish their way across the Alaskan mountains and strong rivers.
They started the hike across the wilderness in the summer and ended up in autumn with beautiful red trees and cold evenings.
After many weeks of absolutely nothing they finally found a road that brought them back to civilization.

Walkabout, Alaska