Antarctic Research Expedition

During many years Johan Ernst Nilson was cinematographer and co producer for tv productions in the Arctic, Antarctica, North West Passage and the Magnetic North Pole. Swedish Polar Research Institute and Discovery Channel was behind the assignments and the expeditions resulted in many documentaries and photo exhibitions. After a few expeditions he started to understand that he could combine his interest for art and creativity with the adventures. In 1995 Johan had his first photo exhibition and he started to sell his Photo Art to hotels, restaurants and to private collectors. Johan also got interested in film production and had already documented both Mount McKinley, the kayak expedition and Mt ShishaPangma. The Swedish Polar Research Institute asked Johan if he was interested in spending 100 days in Antarctica to cover the climate change research for the Swedish broadcaster SVT. After months of studying climate change, glaciology, meteorology and zoology Johan went by boat over to Antarctica in order to make five documentaries about Antarctica, climate change and the human interference of the nature. This was in 1997 and Johan was very early in his interest for climate change issues and human interference of our nature.  This is where his big interest for the nature and climate change started:

“The many months in Antarctica changed my life. It was fantastic to spend time in the nature and to work on my creative side.
After Antarctica I had Photo Art exhibitions in Art Galleries and recently I had a big 80 pieces installation in Stockholm City with images from Arctic and Antarctica.

Film material; Documentary about climate change in Antarctica

Film material; Documentary for Discovery about climate change in Arctic & Antarctica