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Greenland is as dangerous as beautiful. There is no place on Earth that can change as quick as the Arctic. But that’s also the beauty with the Arctic, you can never get tiered of the Arctic since its always in constant change.
After Johans 16 months long adventure between the poles, he had one leg left to do before Pole2Pole was completed. When Johan started the expedition from North Pole on the 6:th of April 2011, the plan was to ski to Greenland but Mother Nature had a different plan. When getting closer to Greenland Johan and his partner Harald realized that it would’t be possible to reach land. Johan now had two choices; quit the expedition or find another way to do all the distances between the poles. Since it wasn’t possible to do it all in one stretch at that time he decided to continue and then return to Greenland at the end of the expedition.
This turned out to be a very complicated part of the expedition. Johans expedition partner over Greenland was Russian explorer Anastasia Kim with whom he spent two months in the Arctic regions. The expedition started with sailboat in Ilulissat and continued up to a bay just under Thule Airbase. From there the expedition continued with skis and kite over the ice up to the very north of Greenland. According to meteorologists the ice situation in Greenland was the worst ever measured and this made the crossing extremely complicated with accidents in crevasses, melt water destroying the ice and warm winds shaping sastrugis.
After two months Johan had reached the latitude that connected the expedition and Pole2Pole was completed.

Greenland Crossing