Jetski over the Atlantic

In 2001 Johan Ernst Nilson was asked to produce an expedition with Jetski over the Atlantic.
His role was Expedition Leader, Support Boat Leader and Film Producer.

At first Johan Ernst Nilson turned down the proposal but changed his mind when National Geographic was interested in producing the documentary together with Johan. The expedition started in Rome and ended in New York. The film team on the support boat worked hard against waves and storms while the jet ski was fighting in the water. Johan mounted special cameras on the jet ski and on the clothing so he could produce different camera angles.
After a few months of preparation and four months of adventure the team had not only sailed across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic but also across the caribbean up to USA.

National Geographic Channel – “Into the Unknown” (Cinematography and co production by Johan Ernst)
“A lone navigator fights for his life in mid-Atlantic. As two sharks circle below he struggles to prevent his boat from sinking. The electrics are down, he has no means of calling for help, and time is running out. This is Spaniard Alvaro de Marichalar’s worst nightmare. Already a six-time world record holder he is in the middle of the longest, toughest journey he’s ever attempted. He is trying to be the first person to cross theAtlanticon a waterscooter. Call them what you will – Jet Ski, WaveRunner, or SeaDoo – the personal waterscooter just isn’t designed for this kind of epic voyage. Even though Alvaro has specially modified his waterscooter to increase its range, toughen its hull, add a GPS navigation system and an extra powerful water pump, and has toughened himself up too, both mentally and physically, everything now counts on saving his boat and getting going again, if he can.”

Film about Jetski over the Atlantic