Mt Elbrus

Mt Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe, but that is not what they taught us is school.
There are many questions regarding the Seven Summits and where to climb what. Is it Mt Blanc or Mt Elbrus in Europe?
Is Papua New Guinea a part of Australasia etc. Just to avoid any discussions Johan climbed both mountains on the list in Australasia and Europe. First up was Mt Elbrus.
This is a very interesting mountain since the mountain in itself is quite easy so this is a perfect spot to train for bigger expeditions around the world. But one thing that never goes away is the fright to get AMS, Acute Mountain Sickness.
A mountain this high can effect anybody at anytime.
Johan has done two expeditions to Mt Elbrus and the first time he was there in 2003 on assignment by a Swedish tech company and he brought one guest who had never been on a mountain before. This was a very strong guy with a background in sports but on a mountain you are back to square 1. You have no idea how the altitude will effect you. Johans first and only responsibility was to see that his guest came up and down alive. They both reached the summit but on the way down the altitude kicked in and Johan and another climber helped him down slowly.
The second time Johan was there with 19 guests. The oldest participent was 62 and the youngest 22 years old. After a long climb seven from the company stood on the summit and the project won “”Sponsorship Project of the Year”.

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