New Exploration

New Explorations are always in the loop for Johan Ernst Nilson.
2014 will be a year with its focus on company adventures, charity projects and a coaching my friend Aron Andersson to reach new goals.

Kebnekaise on Wheels
Date 31:th of August
When Aron was very young he got cancer. He decided to live and not only that; he decided to become the best.
Today Aron has both a new life and many World Championship Gold medals in Sailing, Ice Hockey and Paralympics.
But it doesn’t stop here. Now he is aiming for Paralympics in Rio 2016 with Johan Ernst Nilson as his coach.
Aron and Johan will now together climb the highest peak in Sweden, Kebnekaise.
If its possible? The Answer is Yes!



Plan B
Plan B is a documentary series of seven films based on environmental problems around the world.
The project is in progress and is produced in association with Prince Albert Foundation in Monaco.