“What is there left to explore. Hasn’t everything been discovered?” When I started my journeys in 1993, I thought I had seen it all, but the more I travelled the more I under- stood that I haven’t really seen anything yet. Now, after 32 expeditions through 100 countries, I understand, more than ever, how small I am and how much there is to explore. But the question is still relevant—what am I really exploring?

I believe the biggest exploration we do is within ourselves. Every time we take a risk, every time we dare to do something, we grow as humans and we help the process of evolution take a leap forward. Mistakes are our greatest knowledge. When I was planning the Pole2Pole expedition, I wanted to bring more to my adventure than just a geographical jour- ney. I started on the North Pole on the 6th of April, the same day as Robert Edwin Peary stood there 101 years ago, and I stood on the South Pole on the 18th of January, the 100th anniversary of Robert Falcon Scott’s expedition.


Pole2Pole Film Mix

Walls of Ice