Sailing Arctic & Antarctica

The Arctic and Antarctic waters are some of the hardest in the world with high waves, strong currents and ice cold water.
To make it even more interesting there are icebergs floating around and to get into land can sometimes be the most dangerous on the trip.
Johan Ernst Nilson has made a few magnificent crossings during his 20 years of adventures. In 1999 he crossed the whole Northwest Passage with the Swedish Polar Research Institute, In 2001 he sailed the Atlantic from Rome to Antigua and during his polar expeditions he has crossed from Cape Town to Antarctica, from South America to Antarctica and Along the island of Greenland.
All of them has been impressive journeys but the crossings during Pole2Pole was something different.
When crossing to Antarctica Johan and his team sailed for 12 days in up to 7-8 meter waves and with icebergs around every day. The Arctic crossing up to Thule Airbase in Greenland was not much easier with complicated ice conditions and difficulties of finding a place to go a shore on the ice.