Trans-America Bike expedition

There are no words for how fantastic it was to sit on a bike after so many months of fighting on the floating ice on North Pole. It never turns out as you expect it to in life so instead of standing on Greenland I ended up in Canada and Nunavut. The bikes that were to be delivered by Audi was not ready yet since I was not supposed to start until June with the bike so there I was with no food, no fuel, no equipment to cross Nunavut and no bike. I tried to find ways with skis and kayak but realized that it was not wise to start this without any knowledge of the area and no equipment. So what now?

I had two choices; end the expedition or find solutions. I thought about a book I was working on; “Mistakes and other good decisions” and I remember how learning from other explorers problems became knowledge to me. So I decided to find solutions instead. I took a plane down to Canada, bought a bike and then found a person to take me up to the absolute border of where I could start biking; Tuktuyaktuk in Nunavut. The way to down Canada was beautiful but the bike was bad I got more problems with my knee. In Vancouver I met up my friend Carl Robert who biked with me all the way Across USA, Mexico, Central America and down to Colombia. Along the way we had many friends following us, like Martyn and Göran, and it was probably the best part of the expedition. We had a support car that helped us with filming and support but it didn’t meet us up until we came to Guatemala. The driver Nash was a fantastic help many times during these months.

Its complicated to explain 9 months of biking in a short text, but I experienced everything you could possibly imagine during this leg; wounded knee, attacking dogs, black bears, 42 days of rain, broken roads, snakes, snow storms, trucks and deserts. Even ending up in a hospital Mexico because of the sun.

Biking the Death Road in Bolivia

Biking in Mexico