20 years of exploration

Johan Ernst Nilsson

Johan Ernst Nilson is today one of the worlds leading explorers and motivational speakers.
With over 30 expeditions in 145 countries, Johan Ernst is today a member of both The Explorers Club and Travellers Club.
While most explorers focus on a specific genre like mountaineering or skiing, Johan Ernst has put his focus on the motivation and focusing in itself and not the actual adventure. It can be learning how to play the piano, getting married, climbing a mountain, moving to a new country or just daring to stand up for your right. The goals are different but the technique behind it the same.

What is exploration and why is it important?
To explore is to dare. To dare is to do the unexpected and to step outside the Comfort Zone. Ever since humans started to walk up straight we have tried new paths and tried to become wiser. It is through our mistakes that we have developed and learned. It is through our failures that we have become wiser.Read more about exploration