What do we need to do to reach our goals?
To explore is to dare. To dare is to do the unexpected and to step outside the Comfort Zone. Ever since humans started to walk up straight we have tried new ways and we have done everything we can to become wiser. It is through our mistakes that we have developed and learned. It is through our failures that we have become wiser. You can never reach a goal or a summit without taking some kind of risk. This is what we call Evolution. Humans have always been risk takers.
What separates us from the animals is that we have dreams and that we make plans to reach our goals.
Why are we so scared of failing? How can we optimize our potentials and who is setting the limits for what is possible?
These are some of the questions and subjects that we dive into during Johans 120 minutes lectures.
Johan Ernst Nilson is working as a personal coach to leaders all over the world and has lectured for hundreds of companies on all seven continents. From one single person to over 4000 people. His record is six lectures in one day.

Johan Ernst and his team often produces team building weekends for companies where they learn how to work in teams, train how to solve problems under extreme stress and practice “How to think differently”.
During the last 10 years Johan Ernst has also done coaching for companies on a yearly basis (15 per year) where he talks about subjects like;

Risk Taking – Motivation – Team – MistakesFrom Dream to Reality – Goals


In 2011 Johan Ernst got invited to Deepak Chopra to discuss dreams, motivation and the meaning of life.
The meeting resulted in a 60 min documentation of two spiritual minds exchanging thoughts.
Here follows 3 short film versions of the discussions between Johan Ernst Nilson and Deepak Chopra…













1. Johan Ernst and Deepak Chopra (8 min)

2. Johan Ernst and Deepak Chopra (10 min)

3. Johan Ernst and Deepak Chopra (12 min)

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