20 years of exploration

What is a person capable of?
What are the potentials and how can we really use our full capacity?
A chapter in Johan Ernst Nilsons lecture “The Answer is Yes” is based on finding your true potentials:
“The most important is how we see ourselves. After years of traveling around in schools, companies and in personal coaching I always get surprised and sad when I realize how low people think of themselves in therms of potentials.
I use a technique in my lectures called NOX (No Excuses) which is based on the fact that we all have excuses when it comes to stop eating suger, quit smoking or something else that is a hard commitment. If we really want to get somewhere with all these commitments, then its all about making up our mind!
Its only you, and you alone, that can make that change.
How can we become Great if we settle for Good?
How can we become Happy when OK is what we aim for?
How can we reach our dreams when we aim for small goals?”
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