Over the years Johan Ernst Nilson has motivated and inspired a whole world. Over 100 000 people has seen Johans lectures in over 65 countries.

Europe, USA, China, Singapore, Antarctica, Indonesia, Thailand, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Borneo, Brazil, Colombia, Hong Kong, Canada, Albania,, Syria, Dubai and many other countries and continents has seen Johan Ernst Nilson.
Many of the worlds Fourtune 500 companies is booking Johan Ernst on a regular basis. His record is six lectures in one day. Here are a few of the references from Johan Ernst Nilsons’ lectures…

“Dear Mr. Nilson,
It was definitely the most outstanding presentation that I ever seen in both the business and the entertainment world; Exciting, funny, dramatic and full of energy. Beautiful photos from an artistic point of view also!”

/ Yuko Mori, CEO
Ucom Corporation

“Thanks Johan Ernst Nilson for a very inspiring lecture last night. There were a lot of positive comments both in the bar yesterday and during the day today – mind blowing, motivating and a very professional delivery. Thank you!”

/ Michael Söderberg

Johan Ernst’s transition from musician to world-class explore is an inspiration to all of us here at Overland Journal. 
He is living proof that we can do anything, if we adhere to Johan’s mother’s three words: motivation, focus, and practice.

/ Overland Journal (leading adventure magazine)

“Mr Nilsons lecture was a pleasant surprise to me, a precious gift to me. I have followed you on your amazing website and into the incredible world of expeditions and I was so deeply impressed. In my mind you are a real hero, who have performed series of missions impossible for most people.

I sincerely hope you’ll be even more successful in your future expeditions…God bless you, my hero!

/ Jean Zhang, CEO
Usyston Digital Technology


“Philips Nordics has invited Johan Ernst Nilson for giving a presentation at Nordic Key Account Manager meeting. Johan told us amazing stories about his adventures, experiences and motivation with very strong visual material. He has also integrated in his presentation meaningful paradigm’s of going on an adventure and working in a large organisation and the ways towards stronger motivation and teamwork in daily business life.
Thank you for a great lecture!”.

/ Kai Hillebrandt
Commercial Director Nordics

“I had the pleasure to see Johan Ernst Nilson and I was very impressed. 
Johan’s presentation takes you on a journey to places and situations so cool and extreme that it definitely brings out the child in every man. Johan’s style of presenting supports those impressions. But despite the fun part, there is a deeper message in his lecture: You can only succeed reaching a goal if you dare to take the first step – and – only take calculated risks. Johan’s presentations are a mixture of entertainment and lecture and definitely a *must see*. I had a blast at his show! It was so much fun! Thanks a lot!!”.

/ Andreas Ahmann, VP
Ceyoniq Technology


“Attending Johan’s lecture is an eye opener, inspiring to achieve and getting motivated to go out of the comfort zone.  This is a refreshment for me as a marathon runner and triathlete.  He’s a down to earth person that does not shy away from sharing what he learned and experienced, inspiration only from someone who has “done it” can offer.  Looking forward to his “Living the Dream” book.
Wish you luck in your future adventures.  Before I met with you I have plans to try out Kilimanjaro and also going to Tibet for the first couple of base camps, I know little about it but after talking with you I’m more certain this is something I will do!!!”

 / Ambrose Au, CEO
InfoMax Consulting Services Inc.


I have at multiple occasions engaged Mr. Johan Ernst Nilson, as a speaker during the years 2006 onwards. Johans Ernst’s lectures are in themselves a journey within your own mind. He brings a blend of humor, insights, excitement, inspiration and compassion that leaves non untouched.  His has a strong passion for issues that are beyond the task, such as the children of this world and the need of new solutions for sustainability. We have seen our audience in laughter, tears, with veins pumping from action as well as many, many sparkling eyes.  Johan Ernst delivers on stage, over a cracked phone line from Venezuela and at the table in a think-tank. The world would be lesser without Johan Ernst Nilson. He is an outstanding ambassador for what we all ought to engage more in.
Johan is a constant source of inspiration.

/ Dariush Ghatan
CEO, Founder


“Thank you for a very memorable and inspiring presentation! My colleagues from all over Europe and myself were very impressed and we think that your enthusiasm and positive spirit rubbed off on us. We find many similarities in our line of business when it comes to teamwork and helping each other. Thank you for a spectacular evening that will be remembered for a long time!”

/ Lotta Sarnman
Manager Sales & Marketing
Elekta Instrument AB

“Johan Ernst Nilson was the keynote speaker at Qeep Consulting and never before has the participants’ feedback from the conference been so enthusiastic and positive. Johan managed to capture the audience’s involvement in this inspiring theme. Never before have we been able to reach out with our message as good as this time and Johan’s presentation was the key to lift everyone’s eyes and see what is possible rather than to see obstacles in the way.”

/ Anders Holm
Qeep Consulting

“Johan’s ability to inspire his audience and to show everyone that everything is possible, is almost unique. The pace is fast and the laughs are many. Johan Ernst Nilsons lecture was fantastic!”

/ Daniel Weilar,
CEO, Nyheter24-Group


“The best experience was the breathtaking journey across the world along with Johan Ernst Nilson! 
His repeated feats makes a strong impression!”

/ Henrik Treschow
Professional Board Member