Since the first interview in 1994 Johan Ernst Nilson has been exposed frequently in international media. The first interview was a local Swedish paper and the last one a 60 minute National Geographic documentary about Johan Ernst that was broadcasted in 145 countries in 26 languages.
Johan Ernst is also a writer and has chronicles in global magazines every month. Between 2006 and 2009 Johan Ernst was a TV host in China for a travel show on CCTV and Johan Ernst has also been a frequent speaker on radio shows. Johan Ernst has done over 1000 interviews and TV appearances.

During the Pole2Pole expedition Johan Ernst did interviews for media like Financial Times, NY Post, Herald Tribune, Playboy Magazine, GQ, Elle, Wallstreet Journal, NBC, CNN, National Geographic, AUDI Magazine, BBC and covers on Metro and TIME Magazine.

Johan Ernst is now preparing a global PR Tour for his Pole2Pole expedition with a start this fall through South America with press conferences in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and Trinidad Tobago.

Headline News and Sitcoms all over USA

The NBC News alone had a rating of 9.3 Million viewers. After over 1000 interviews, TV shows, radio, press and media Johan Ernst and the expedition covered over 1 000 000 000 viewers during two years in over 100 countries.

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In 1997 CNN did a story about Johan Ernst and his climate neutral climb of Mount Everest.
According to “Nielsen Media Research”, about 42 million different people watched CNN for at least an hour a month in 2010.


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Media Coverage

Johan Ernst has been covered for over 1 Billion viewers in 140 countries