Since 1994 Johan Ernst Nilson has collaborated with partners in many different ways. Johan Ernst started with testing products such as tents, watches and clothing but he soon got into more advanced technologies like testing satellite systems, tracking devices, software and computers. After 10 years of putting products in the worst possible conditions Johan Ernst and his team developed Extreme Testing, where they started to develop not only existing products but also inventing new technologies for the market. In 1996 Johan Ernst developed his first web page and in 1997 he was taking Extreme Testing to the Magnetic North Pole where he tested a new tracking device for companies supplying the military and security companies.
In 2000 when Johan Ernst was producing the Jetski over the Atlantic expedition, he developed a new camera technology for the Jetski so it could work in rough conditions over the Atlantic. In 2001 the Flying Boat was built and many different products was produced to be able to control the flying machine.

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AUDI Pole2Pole

In 2009 AUDI became the Partner for Pole2Pole.
In front of 180 journalists from 40 countries AUDI and Johan released Pole2Pole in 2010..

Audi Introduces Johan Ernst as Brand Ambassador



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Audi Podcast


Swedish Postcode Lottery

The Swedish Postcode Lottery announced Johan Ernst Nilson as their Ambassador in 2010. Since many years the SPKL has donated enourmes amounts of money to different charities all over the world. Every year the company/organization donates over 100 000 000 € to help this world become a better place.
During the 18 months between the poles Johan Ernst visited and interviewed over 14 organizations and charities.

Many our the worlds leaders are working together with The Swedish Postcode Lottery;
President Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Sir Richard Branson.


Zenith Pole2Pole

In 1911 Zenith created a watch for Roald Amundsen for his attempt to reach the South Pole. 100 years later Zenith sponsored another explorer, Johan Ernst Nilson, in his attempt to travel between the two poles. Also this time Zenith created a spectacular watch for the expedition that was released at the Basel fair 2010.
The Zenith Pole2Pole project was between 2009-2012.

The Zenith Pole2Pole Edition


The Water Foundation is a long-term charitable project between Johan Ernst Nilson, Ramlösa and Red Cross.
With simple means, you can participate and help people in vulnerable countries to get clean water. The Water Foundation has contributed with over 100 million liters of clean water to Red Cross water projects in Africa.
For every liter of Ramlösa water sold, one liter of clean water is donated to various water projects in Africa. This enables the Red Cross to continue its important work to ensure that people have clean water to give to their children, cook and wash with. Today, over one billion people is living without access to clean water. The Water Foundation is a way to contribute to a more sustainable society, and together we can make a difference.
Between 2011 and 2015 the Red Cross is working to improve access to clean water in three regions in northern Namibia – Kunene, Ohangwena and Kavango. 28,670 people will have access to 15 liters of water per person per day. This will be done by restoring and creating 221 water sources. 23 000 people will also be offered 1,640 latrines and 97,500 people will receive information about how to prevent the spread of disease, improve their personal hygiene and safe storage of clean water.

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