Photo Art

Johan Ernst Nilson started his carrer as an Art Photographer in 1995 after his expedition to Alaska. Johan Ernst got requests from companies all over the world and also from private collectors. After two years of preparation Johan Ernst opened his first Art Exhibition in May 1996.
Today Johan Ernst Photo Art is selling all over the world in exhibitions and galleries with fine art prints and installations. After over 300 sold fine art prints Johan Ernst produced the photo book “Seven Summits” where some of the images where exposed.
In 2009 Johan Ernst was asked by Stockholm Tourist Board to have a big exhibition/Installation in Stockholm and 80 fine art prints where exposed outside the Dramaten Theater during four months in 2010.
For almost 20 years Johan Ernst has travelled the world to document nature photography in places like Antarctica, North Pole, Sahara, Northwest Passage, Seven Summits, Amazon, Tibet, Africa, Alaska, Papua New Guinea and Australia.
Johan Ernst is today working on the photo books; “Pole2Pole”, “Meetings” and “ICE”.







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