Johan Ernst Nilson published his first book back in 1991 and his photo book Seven Summits in 2009. During his lectures the demand has always been big for merchandise like T shirts, postcards, books and DVDs so the team behind Johan Ernst Adventures is now producing a series of products that can be ordered here on Today Johan Ernst is working on three new books and two DVDs. We will inform you all as soon as the products are ready.

The book can be ordered via Please send Johan Ernst an email to receive more information regarding shipping and delivery options.
The prize for the 400 pages photo book is 40 € + shipping. 

Fine Prints from our Photo Art Collection can also be ordered here. Please contact Johan Ernst directly on:


Seven Summits

"It’s not a sense of adventure per se that has driven me onwards for all these years – it’s more the creative side behind it all: photographing, creating and communicating. Details and forms in nature have always fascinated me. When I started doing art photography in the early ’90s I didn’t really know what it would lead to. I just wanted to document the beauty I encountered on my adventures.

When I gave lectures and interviews, people started asking questions about taking risks: why do people take risks, and why do people expose themselves to these dangers? Those questions became the basis for this book. I wanted to give a visual representation of my answers through pictures – pictures that tell a story, and snap- shots that provide an explanation. When I embarked on my environmental work, that became another way for me to communicate via pictures. I also want to use these pas- sages to talk about the worrying climate change we are currently facing. The Seven Summits are not just seven mountain peaks; they are also seven glaciers that are in the process of vanishing from our Earth."

- 40€


The Answer Is Yes

Is everything really possible? The question comes up every day in my head and its really a question of how you see things. For example; if you ask me if I can walk through a stone wall the first obvious answer would be No, but I don't agree on that. The right answer should be "I don't know how to do it". Just because I don't know how to do something doesn't mean that its impossible. Can I play the violin? I have not learned to play that...yet! Again its a question of how you see the problems.
This book is based on 20 expeditions, 20 problems and 20 solutions through thinking outside the box. To see problems in a whole different light. Is everything possible?
The answer is Yes!

- 30 €



Gandhi, JFK and Johan Ernst Nilson all have one thing in common; they are all Brand Ambassadors for Zenith.
In 1911 Roald Amundsen was the first person to ski to the South Pole and Zenith was the official sponsor.
100 years later Johan Ernst Nilson made the first ever journey between the poles with natural powers and Zenith produced a 100 year edition in homage of Nilson and Amundsens explorations.
The watch can be ordered through Nymans Ur in Stockholm or through Johan Ernst Nilson outside Sweden.

- 6000 € (Limited Edition 500 pieces)