Life starts outside the comfort zone


Everyday we stand in front of challenges that makes us curious. Moments that may change our lives forever if we just go for it, if we dare to take the chance.
In the early days, Exploration was much more scientific and geographical then the expeditions of today. Long before we had mapped the globe the question was always;
“What’s on the other side?”
Time hasn’t changed. We are still searching for the unknown. The only difference is that today the white spots on the map is more of an inner journey than a geographical discovery. The geographical unknowns are today the oceans, the polar regions and space. The geographical world is pretty much discovered. So what were the discoveries all about?
Where they really worth the effort and the fighting?
Even the geographical journeys that were made hundreds of years ago turned out to be discoveries of our inner selves. Even though the explorers “used” the fact that we had to map the world, the real reason has always been curiosity and to dare to step outside the comfort zone.