Since 1995 Johan Ernst Nilson has spent a lot of his time on charity work and today 50% av his time is dedicated to different kinds of charities. It all started with a lecture at the Swedish church in Stockholm where Johan Ernst received a medal for his work to inspire children around Sweden.
Johans focus is on projects that are related to Nature and Children. Even though he has worked and been involved in organizations working with questions regarding war, peace, starvation, human rights and poverty.
Today Johan Ernst is Ambassador for some of the worlds most extraordinary organizations.

“To work with children and the nature is like a dream come true. It probably gives me more than I give to the kids.
When I work with climate change and the nature it’s important to say that I’m not a politician nor a scientist. I can not change the laws and I can not deliver results and figures. But I am a window from where other people can see and experience what I see. I visit so many extreme places where scientists and politicians never go!
/ Johan Ernst Nilson”

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